120 years ago a chemical known as silicon carbide was discovered in a meteoroid that fell in Arizona. This discovery was made by Nobel Prize-winning French chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan who’s name was used to identify the stone that was made from this chemical. Although since the chemical was only in a limited supply from the crater, moissanite stone is now created in a lab with man made chemicals that gives it the same outlook as before during the discovery. We offer the moissanite stone along with its certification to prove its authenticity.

Properties of Moissanite:

Next to diamonds, Moissanite are considered to be the next in line for the hardest gemstones on earth. On Mohs Hardness Scale it comes to 9.25 mohs

Durability and toughness
Moissanite are excellent in toughness and do not get scratched due to its extreme toughness.

High Heat Resistance
Moissanite has heat resistance properties higher than other jewels and is used for making fine jewellery.

Moissanite Clarity
The clarity is defined by GIA grading system. In Most cases the moissanite is easily compared with the diamond grade of VVS.

Moissanite colour
Based on GIA system of grading. Colour grade include: DEF, GHI, JK.